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You have Electrical Power Problems?   We can solve them.

Consolidated Consulting Corporation (CCC) provides Electrical Power Engineering expertise and solutions in a number of different but inter-related areas. This expertise and ability to develop solutions is the result of the extensive experience of the staff in consulting, forensic engineering and electrical power engineering design.

A/E Services:

CCC provides high level consulting services to A/E firms in specialized forensic and electrical engineering areas in which the A/E firm can not justify maintaining a full time staff.-- solutions for difficult motor starting problems, power cable overloading, system grounding, arc flash analysis and other complex issues.

Industrial/Commercial Services:

Most industrial and commercial facilities do not have a full time electrical power engineering expert on the staff.  CCC can provide the necessary expertise on a just-in-time basis.  Such expertise is required when the facility changes its electrical system or its processes that require electrical power.  In addition, when something goes wrong with the electrical system or equipment CCC's forensic engineering expertise can be brought to bear to quickly and cost effectively solve the problem.

Expert Witness, Litigation Support:

Electrical accidents involving electrical equipment and systems do happen. When they do, most attorneys and insurance companies do not have the forensic engineering expertise to provide adequate services to the injured party(ies) to ensure that they are compensated for the medical expenses, damages, loss of income and trauma incurred through no fault of their own.  CCC can provide a forensic engineer who can analyze the issues and provide litigation support and expert witness testimony in arbitrations or court cases

In summary, CCC can analyze and provide solutions for your electrical power problems.


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