Thomas M. McCauley

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                                                                                 Thomas M. McCauley, P.E.






Electrical Engineering Design Experience

Mr. McCauley is the president of the Consolidated Consulting Corporation (CCC).  CCC provides analytical, forensic and design services to engineering industrial and commercial clients with the emphasis on forensic engineering and expert witness services to attorneys in cases involving electrical equipment.

Most recently Mr. McCauley was the Chief Electrical Engineer for the Raymond Professional Group, a midsize Architect/Engineer firm in Chicago providing services to the electric utility industry in the design and construction of simple cycle and combined cycle combustion turbine power plants

 Mr. McCauley has more than 35 years of experience in the technical and managerial aspects of electrical engineering system design and analysis for electric utilities and industrial facilities.  This has included the following range of activities:


Project Manager for large multi-million dollar Engineering Projects


Project Manager for Software Projects to automate engineering and design processes


Trouble shooting electrical equipment and system problems


In 1998 Mr. McCauley he served for a year as a mentor for ComEd’s Corporate Electrical/I&C group assisting it in identifying ways to work more effectively with ComEd’s six nuclear sites..


From 1990 to 1995 Mr. McCauley served as Sargent & Lundy’s Electrical Design Director (similar to Chief Electrical Engineer).  In that capacity he was responsible for providing general leadership and management of activities in design, engineering, technology application, and productivity and quality improvement in connection with Sargent & Lundy’s projects and programs.


Short-circuit, voltage-regulation, motor-starting and transient stability studies.   During the course of this work he developed a number of digital computer programs for engineering applications.


Engineering and design of systems, specification preparation, bid evaluation, and equipment and system recommendations for fossil (coal and gas turbine) and nuclear power plants,



Forensic Engineering Experience

Over the years Mr. McCauley has been involved in the investigation of many electrical equipment and system failures and more recently in providing litigation support in lawsuits and arbitrations involving electrical equipment or electrical design and construction  The following list includes the most significant items:       

       Recently provided litigation support in Florida case involving arc flash burns to a worker (Case No. 04-23231 (23))

       Currently providing litigation support in electric utility accident in which a worker in Dallas lost both arms in arc flash incident ( Cause No. 05-05992M)

        Provided litigation support for law firm representing Sierra Club in litigation involving coal-fired plant permit

        Testified in JAMS case No. 1310015310 involving an insurance claim for a generator failure in China

         Provided litigation support to the defendant in an American Arbitration Association case involving a lighting energy management system.

 ·        Provided litigation support in a case involving the controls of a security door that alleged struck and injured a woman – Affidavit in case Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, Docket No. 02 M1 301406.  Provided affidavit.

 ·        Provided litigation support for a case in which a cable TV worker suffered a fatal shock while working on a utility pole. CCC's report instrumental in case settling out of court.

 ·        Provided expert witness testimony in an arbitration case involving alleged inadequate electrical design – AAA 51 198 01178 01

 ·        Expert witness deposition won out of court settlement of personal injury case involving electrical wiring of a camper

 ·        Litigation support for contested power plant project cost over-runs

 ·        Successful defense of electrical system design at a number of nuclear power plants in NRC audits of the electrical systems.

 ·        Electrical cable and wiring overheating problems in cable raceways

 ·        Analysis of potential malfunctioning of equipment control circuitry at a number of power plants

 ·        Failure of a 765 kV Generator Step-up Transformer

 ·        Failure of medium voltage dry type transformer

 ·        Failure of underground cable

 ·        A number of large induction motor failures

 ·        Capacity reduction of hoist used to excavate underground cavern at oil refinery due to inadequate supply system design

 ·        Root cause analysis of equipment failures

 ·        Design of test to determine the cause of conductor burn-down on 110 kV             transmission lines due to lightning

 ·        Investigation of electrostatic induction of hazardous currents in vehicles parked close to EHV lines.  Simplified calculation methods and preventative measures

 Investigation of electromagnetic induction of voltages in railroad communication and signal circuits running parallel to transmission lines.  Preventative measures.



University Teaching Experience

Mr. McCauley taught graduate-level courses in electromagnetic energy conversion (generators, motors and transformers) and electrical power system analysis for six years at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois.




M.S., Electrical Engineering – University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – 1971

 B.S., Electrical Engineering – University College, Cork, Ireland – 1964




Professional Engineer (PE):  Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin




Senior Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Member National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)

Member of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

Member Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA)





Mr. McCauley has authored or co-authored over a dozen published technical papers on a variety of electrical engineering topics. 





The IEEE Transformer Committee presented Mr. McCauley with the 1978 Transformer Committee Award for his paper entitled “Through-Fault Capability Requirements of Unit Auxiliary Transformers”.  ANSI

Standard C57.116-1989 which covers the short circuit requirements for unit connected transformers was revised to reflect the rating methods developed in the paper.




Positions Held

President, Consolidated Consulting Corporation (10/2001 - present)

Raymond Professional Group, Inc., a mid sized Chicago A/E firm (2000  – 10/2001)

       Chief Electrical Engineer

       Manager of the Electrical/Controls Department

Sargent & Lundy – Chicago, Illinois (1973-1999)

       Electrical Design Director (1990-1995)

       Project Manager-Electrical Project Engineering

       Supervisor-Power System Studies

Westinghouse – Power Systems Analysis Engineer

Siemens-Project Engineer-Power Systems Planning, West Germany

Electricity Supply Board - Research and Development Engineer, Ireland



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